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Branched-Chain Amino Acids, or BCAAs, are a very important supplement for athletes of any background.
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Branched Chain Amino Acids

While many people consider Branched-Chain Amino Acids to be very beneficial for athletes and people trying to build muscle, they are also helpful in a number of other areas. For example, someone who is trying to diet and concerned about maintaining their healthy muscle tissue will find BCAAs very helpful. Additionally, this supplement supplies three of the nine essential amino acids, making it great support for anyone trying to maintain positive overall health.

What are BCAAs?

This supplement is a combination of three essential amino acids: Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. They are combined in a 2:1:1 ratio, which has been determined to be ideal for enhancing all of the benefits of this supplement.

These specific amino acids count for a large percentage of those within muscle tissue. In fact, studies have shown that they account for 35% of all essential amino acids within muscle proteins and 40% of all the preformed amino acids required by mammals for healthy functioning [1].

Why Instantized BCAA Powder?

The term instantized refers to the product solubility. If it's genuinely an instantized formula, it should only require a few stirs to dissolve completely. If it requires shaking or blending and then foams, it is not instantized and therefore a substandard product filled with impurities. However, this product is instantized, and is as genuine as it gets.

Benefits of BCAA Supplements for Athletic Performance

The primary benefit of BCAAs is an increased protein synthesis. This makes it much easier to build and maintain muscle mass [2]. Since this is one of the top goals of every aspiring body builder and strength training athlete, this supplement should be one of the 'go-to' pre- and post-workout items. In fact, there is even evidence to support that taking BCAA during a workout can be very helpful, preventing muscular breakdown and affecting protein synthesis even faster.

Another tremendous benefit is helping people maintain their muscle mass while dieting. BCAAs contain Leucine in an amount double that of other BCAA products. This is particularly helpful in reducing the catabolic effects which dieting (and exercising) help to stimulate. The bottom line is that anyone who is dieting and does not want to lose muscle mass (or tone), should definitely add this supplement to their routine.

Branched Chain Amino Acids Dosage

Branched Chain Amino Acids Dosage

As always, start off with a lower dose until determining the specific effects this supplement has on your body. It is considered to be very safe at almost any level.

When to Take BCAA Supplements

Consume pre-, during-, and/or post-exercise, or in divided doses on non-training days. BCAAs also mix well with pre-, intra-, and post-workout stacks.


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