Caffeine and Theanine Capsules

Caffeine and theanine are synergistic nootropics that complement eachother in a fashion that is unparalleled.

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Why L Theanine and Caffeine Capsules?

Caffeine and theanine are both nootropic supplements, which often have an unpleasant bitter taste. Plus, accurately dosing small amounts of supplement powder can be a hassle. Thus, taking theanine + caffeine capsules is a great way to save time while still attaining the supplements' benefits.

Like most people, you probably need a caffeine jolt to get your work day started. Unfortunately, caffeine can come with feelings of shakiness and jitters. L-Theanine synergizes with caffeine to give you smooth energy without the jitters as well as a boost in focus.

L Theanine and Caffeine Dosage

Each capsule contains 100mg of caffeine and 200mg of Theanine. For best results, individuals should take 1 theanine and caffeine capsule per day.  

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