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Synonyms: Eurycoma Longifolia, Longjack, Malaysian Ginseng, longjax, Cay Ba Binh, Pasak Bumi, Langir Siam, Tung Sawa

Common Misspellings: tonkat ali, tongat ali

This tongkat ali powder is standardized to 2% Eurycomanone, which is the main active ingredient in tongkat ali. We are the only retailer that performed this testing to guarantee the amount of Eurycomanone present in our powder.

Most companies advertise different extract ratios of longjack powder; however, these ratios mean little without the active compound Eurycomanone.

Eurycomanone Defined:

Eurycomanone is a quassinoid. Quassinoids are compounds extracted from plants used for their anti-oxidant properties. [1]

Eurycomanone has a list of additional benefits including: [2,3,4]

  • Libido support
  • Increasing athletic performance

What is Tongkat Ali (Longjack)?

Eurycoma longifolia (tongkat ali) is a plant found in Indonesia and Malaysia. In Malaysia, longjack is added to food and beverages for its energizing properties.

Tongkat Ali Benefits

Supplementing with tongkat ali reduces the amount of cortisol in the body during exercise. Decreasing cortisol levels will improve mood and sleep cycles, increase motivation, and allow for longer and more intense workouts. [5]

Tongkat Ali can also serve as an aphrodisiac. [2]

Users often supplement with Tongkat Ali to maintain body composition. [2,6]

Tongkat Ali Root and Power Output

Bodybuilding enthusiasts use Tongkat Ali because of its effects on increased in muscle mass and power output. [2,6]

Tongkat Ali Dosage

Take 250mg once daily


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